Colonial Archaeological Trail

The trail is a project of the UWF Historic Trust, the City of Pensacola, and the University of West Florida Archaeology Institute. The trail is a collection of outdoor exhibits relating to the Spanish, British, and American occupations of Pensacola. This interpretive trail highlights the rich deposits of colonial history and archaeology in the heart of downtown Pensacola. For more information, download the Colonial Archaeological Trail brochure

The trail was recently updated and expanded during the Colonial Archaeological Trail Improvements project, which was partially funded by the Department of State, Division of Historical Resources, and the State of Florida. This project was a collaborative effort between the UWF Historic Trust, UWF Archaeology Institute, Florida Public Archaeology Network, and the City of Pensacola.

Existing stops along the trail received new interpretive panels, protective fencing, and exhibit elements and three new stops were added including the Tivoli High House, Old Christ Church, and the Barkley House. Also check out our new interpretive sound posts located at St. Michael's Cemetery, the Barkley House, and Historic Pensacola!