Old Christ Church Events

Completed in 1832, Old Christ Church is one of the oldest surviving church buildings in Florida, serving the Pensacola community as an Episcopal Church, public library and museum. The building was also occupied by federal troops during the Civil War. The restored church provides a beautiful backdrop for weddings, concerts and speaking events. Old Christ Church can be rented for weddings, concerts, and educational lectures and programs.

For public guided tours, please visit the Plan Your Visit page. 


Monday - Thursday Available beginning at 3pm $900.00, plus tax
Friday Available beginning at 3pm $1,100.00, plus tax
Saturday - Sunday Available anytime $1,100.00, plus tax

*All bookings include a refundable $250.00 security deposit due one month prior to the event. This is in addition to the rental fee listed above. 

**Insurance is required for all events at all UWF Historic Trust properties. 


Old Christ Church can accommodate approximately 150 guests. 

Rental Period:

Old Christ Church is rented in 4-hour time blocks. For weddings, 1 hour can be used for a rehearsal the day before or a few days before and the other 3 hours for the ceremony. If available, additional time can be added to the rental for $100.00 per hour.

Pfeiffer House

The Pfeiffer House is included in the booking of the church. The house is located behind the church. The front room of the house is available to the wedding party for dressing and preparing for the ceremony. The restrooms at the back of the house are available for use by wedding guests. 

There is also a small room to the side of the stage in the church that can be used by the groom and/or officiate. 

Furnishings, Candles, Flowers, and Decor

Because furnishings are either original to the building or are replicas or original pieces, they may not be moved. The altar cannot be changed. All items must remain on the altar, and decorations or other items may not be placed on the altar. The chairs on the stage cannot be moved or sat on. Although candles may be used as part of the design, no open flame of any kind may be used, including unity candles. More information on decoration restrictions and requirements can be found in the venue rental agreement. 

Music and Musical Instruments:

Acoustic music is best suited for the building. Amplified music is generally too loud. The church does not have a PA system. There is a Clavinova in the church that can be used for weddings, but a pianist is not provided. No other musical instruments or equipment are provided. If musical instruments are brought into the church, rubber tips or mats must be used under all instruments to prevent scratching the floors. 

Food and Drinks:

Food and drinks are no permitted in the church or the Pfeiffer House.


For booking information or to schedule a site visit, please contact our Event Coordinator at historicevents@uwf.edu or call 850-595-5985 ext. 107. 

Please review the FAQs on the Historic Venues page for more information.

Photos of Old Christ Church:

An imagine of the interior of Old Christ Church

Bride and groom in front of Old Christ Church

Bride and groom in front of Old Christ Church