Historic Venues

The UWF Historic Trust operates several venues, each boasting awe inspiring environments for any gathering. Just as sharing our history includes making these spaces available to the public for special events, preserving our history includes protecting these valuable community assets. 

The UWF Historic Trust remains committed to providing you with an exceptional experience. We thank you for choosing to make your own history in Historic Pensacola.

Event Venues:

Historic Pensacola manages the following venues that can be rented for events: the Barkley House, Old Christ Church, the Museum of Commerce, Voices of Pensacola, the Pensacola Museum of Art, Museum Plaza, Fountain Park, and the Trader Jon's Exhibit in the Pensacola Museum of History. Additional information about each of these venues and pricing can be found on the individual venue page. To request a site visit, check availability, or start the rental process, please contact our Events Coordinator:


If you are interested in booking a private birthday party at our Pensacola Children's Museum, please email Wendi Davis.


Frequently Asked Questions:

The following FAQs apply to all of our rentable venues. Additional information on each venue's rules and requirements can be found in the venue rental agreement. 

  • How do we schedule a walk through of a venue?

    Please contact the Event Coordinator at historicevents@uwf.edu or at 850.595.5985 x107 to schedule an appointment. Walk throughs can be scheduled Tuesday through Thursday between 9am and 4pm. 

  • What are the steps for renting a venue?
    1. Email historicevents@uwf.edu with the name of the venue you are interested in and the preferred date.
    2. If the venue is available on that date, the Event Coordinator will send you the rental agreement electronically through DocuSign.
    3. Fill out and sign the agreement. (The agreement will expire if it is not completed within one week of the date it was sent.)
    4. The Event Coordinator will process the agreement, place a hold on our calendar for the date, and send you an email with the payment instructions.
    5. You will have two weeks from the date of the payment email to submit the initial payment of 50% of the venue fee plus tax. (If payment is not received within the two week time frame, the hold on the date will be removed and the agreement will be voided.)
    6. Once the initial payment is received, the Event Coordinator will confirm the date on the calendar. 
  • How can we pay the rental fee and when is it due?

    Once the Event Coordinator has received a completed rental agreement, they will contact you about making payments. The first half of the rental fee plus tax is due once the rental agreement has been received. The remaining half of the rental fee plus the $250.00 refundable security deposit is due one month prior to the event. Payments can be made with a credit card or by check. The Event Coordinator will provide additional payment instructions after the rental agreement has been received.

  • What does the security deposit cover and is it refundable?

    A $250.00 security deposit is required for all UWF Historic Trust venues and it is due one month prior to the event. The security deposit will be refunded after the event provided no damages have occurred, the venue is left clean and in acceptable condition, and time limits are not exceeded. An invoice will be sent following the event in the case that damages, cleaning fees, or additional hours exceed $250.

  • Do you offer a military, UWF student, or UWF alumni discount?

    We do not offer any discounts for military, UWF student, UWF faculty or staff, or UWF alumni.

    Preservationist Members and 1559 Society Members do receive discounts on venue rentals.

  • Do we need to obtain event insurance?

    Yes, for each venue that is rented, liability insurance must be provided to cover major damages that may happen during the event. This type of insurance can be purchased from many different insurance companies. Proof of insurance must be submitted to the Event Coordinator at historicevents@uwf.edu at least one month prior to the event. Additional information on the insurance requirements can be found in the rental agreement. 

  • Who will let us into the venue?

    A staff member will be on-site during each event, except for events at Fountain Park and Museum Plaza. This person will unlock the building and they will be available to answer any questions.

    The staff member is not responsible for coordinating or directing events, setting up and breaking down any furniture, or disposing of any trash. These are all the responsibility of the renter. The staff member will inspect the space at the end of the event to check for cleanliness and ensure no damages have occurred.

    The staff member is the final authority on any questions or restrictions.

  • Are there any catering and/or alcohol restrictions?

    Renters are allowed to use any caterer that they would like. The Museum of Commerce, Barkley House, and Voices of Pensacola include prep spaces for catering. Please see the individual venue page for information on each prep space. Cooking is not permitted inside any of our venues. 

    Alcoholic beverages may be served but can only be sold if an alcoholic beverage license is posted and a copy of the license has been provided to UWF Historic Trust one month prior to the event.

    Additionally information about the catering and alcohol policies can be found in the venue agreement. 

  • Who is responsible for the setup, breakdown, and cleanup of our event?

    The renter is responsible for all set-up and clean up for their event. When completing the rental agreement, the renter will need to assign a designated person from their party to be responsible for setting up, breaking down, and cleaning up the event space. Many caterers provide the option to complete these duties. After the event, a walk-thru will be conducted to make sure the space has been put back in proper condition.

    Indoor Events:
    The renter is responsible for sweeping the building and restrooms following the event. If food or drinks have been spilled, the building must also be mopped.

    The renter is responsible from bringing their own trash cans and trash bags and then removing all trash from the venue at the end of their event. 

    All venues must be left in the condition they were found!

  • Are there any restrictions on decorating?

    There are decorating restrictions for each venue because they are museums or historic sites with unique furnishings and original artifacts. Please review the venue agreement for more information on decorating requirements and restrictions. 

    The following items are prohibited at all Historic Trust venues including the outdoor venues:

    • Candles, including unity candles, or wax of any kind
    • No open flames or sparklers
    • Tape, adhesive, or any sticky materials, tacks, clamps, staples, or nails to affix décor
    • Balloons filled with helium
    • Smoke or fog machines (prohibited at all indoor venues)
    • Rice, birdseed, glitter, potpourri, flower petals (real and fake), confetti, and other items that may be thrown or scattered


  • What items such as tables, chairs, linens, and AV equipment are included with the venue?

    Tables and Chairs:
    Some venues include tables and chairs. Please see the venue agreement for additional information on the quantity and type of tables and chair available at each venue. The renter is responsible for setting up any tables and chairs needed for their event. The renter is also responsible for breaking down the tables and chairs and returning them to their appropriate location at the end of the event.

    Equipment and Decorations:
    The UWF Historic Trust does not provide any props, décor, additional furniture, AV equipment, linens, lecterns, trash bags & cans, additional lighting, tents, or extension cords. All items including equipment, linens, food, trash, etc. must be removed immediately following each event. 

    Some venues include a prep space for catering. Please see the individual venue agreement for more information.

  • Are restrooms, tents, lighting, and other equipment provided for outdoor events?

    Portable Restrooms:
    Restrooms are available at the Barkley House, but it is recommend that the renter obtain portable restrooms for large events at this venue. Restrooms are not available at Fountain Park or Museum Plaza. Information on portable restroom requirements is available in the venue agreement. 

    Tents and Staking:
    Tents are not provided at any of our venues. Staking is not permitted at any Historic Trust venue. Tents, lighting, fencing, and other equipment cannot be staked, but should instead be secured with water barrels or cement blocks. Renters should also review the City of Pensacola's permitting requirements for tents. 

    Additional Lighting:
    Temporary bistro or café lighting may not be attached to any permanent fixtures at the outdoor venues. 

    No vehicles are allowed on the grounds at any time.

  • Where can my guests park?

    Parking is limited to first come, first serve on the city streets and nearby lots. The UWF Historic Trust does not provide or guarantee any parking. The UWF Historic Trust will not be held liable for any fees that are incurred by the renter or their guests while parking for the event. 

    Fountain Park has an adjacent parking lot which can be rented for your event. 

    No vehicles are allowed on any of the UWF Historic Trust lawns or grounds at any time.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    The 50% initial payment – less a $200.00 administration fee – is refundable should you cancel your reservation with a written notice via email to historicevents@uwf.edu at least six months prior to your scheduled event. Cancellation request submitted less than six months prior to the event will not be refunded. Venue rentals are not transferable to other venues or dates.