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PCM Fun Projects to do at Home

Project #1: Oobleck

Here’s a fun activity for you and your children from the Pensacola Children’s Museum.  Check out the audiobook video and follow along as Madelyn King reads Dr. Seuss’ book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck. Then, once your kids know what in the world an Oobleck is, have them make some with the PCM Activity 1: Oobleck.  Enjoy family fun that is not only educational, but that will also bring slime to life!

Project #2: Rain

Rain is a natural part of the world we share and often times kids are left wondering “why” or “where does it come from.” Check out this cool experiment with PCM Activity 2 that allows kids to make their own rain. Then take a trip to your backyard and identify some of the clouds they see. After identifying the clouds, make another fun game out of asking what shapes or animals the clouds look like!   

Project #3: Rockets

Rockets are cool, fast and powerful!  But not exactly the first thing that comes to mind as a friendly indoor kids activity, right?  WRONG!  Check out this cool experiment with PCM Activity 3 that allows kids to build, decorate, and race their own indoor balloon rockets!  This STEM activity is easy, educational and super fun.

Project #4: Color Tyme

Although we are all doing our part and practicing social distancing as much as possible, why not download our PCM Activity 4: Color Tyme packet and let your child's inner artist out for a while at home.  Simply color with pages provided. Either way, we dare you to follow the fun challenges that will turn regular coloring into expressive art!

Project #5: Breaking the Code!

We play video games, search the internet, watch videos, and shop all over the world.  But have you ever wondered how?  How do you watch a funny video from other places in the world by a push of a few buttons?  Check out our fun PCM Activity 5: Breaking the Code and learn the simple basics of Binary Computer Coding and Decoding. Give it a shot! Have fun developing your own coded language to challenge your family and friends with this PCM Coding Worksheet!  

Project #6: Word Search

Do you remember the last time you visited the Pensacola Children's Museum?  I know it seems like a long time ago, but until we are lucky enough to see you again, how about using our PCM Activity 6 Word Search to find some of the cool things we have waiting for you!

Project #7: Fun Mazes

Do you like mazes? We do and we think you'll like these fun mazes too. Check out the cool animal and dinosaur mazes in our PCM Activity 7 packet thanks to our friends at KrazyDad.Com. And don't forget to take a crack at our maze challenges too!  

Project #8: Jellyfish fun!

Have you ever seen a jellyfish at an aquarium or maybe at the beach?  Well, what if you could see them in your room and maybe even glowing at night as you sleep?  Take a look at our next downloadable PCM Activity 8, and learn how to make your own jellyfish!  You can even make them glow-in-the-dark!  

Project #9: Monster Boxes

The Pensacola Children's Museum has teamed up with The Best Ideas For Kids to bring you another fun and creative activityPCM Activity 9 for you to try with your kiddos at home.  And don't forget to check out for other cool project ideas. Have Fun! 

Project #10: Water Fireworks

We are all used to seeing fireworks lighting up the night sky during festivals, celebrations, athletic events, and holidays.  But did you know that you could also see them not only inside your home, but inside a glass of water?  Take a look at this PCM Activity 10 and let the fun begin!

Project #11: Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner! With that in mind, The Pensacola Children's Museum is bringing you a neat way to personalize a gift for those special mothers out there. Inspired by our friends at Easy Peasy and Fun, this project will not only allow you to create a custom gift for Mom, but also help you keep the little ones entertained, busy, and quiet while working on this top secret PCM Activity 11

Project #12: UNO Game

Join the UNO movement game! Using your motor skills turn the classic game of UNO into something fun for family and friends with our PCM Activity 12

Project #13: Math is Fun

Believe it or not, math is fun too! Experience creative games with our PCM Activity 13 inspired by our friends at Scholastic that teaches math in a fun and educational way! 

Project #14: Undressing the Egg

Spring into science with this fascinating eggs-periment! If your kids like to watch chemistry in action, have them hop into the kitchen for this fun activity and see how to Undress an egg!  PCM Activity 14
Project #15: Homemade Crystals
Here is a cool way to make crystals at home. It's simple and fun, check it out PCM Activity 15.
Project #16: Lava in a Cup
Have you ever seen those cool lava lamps in stores, tv, or even a friend's or relative's house? Ever wonder how it works?  Well here is a neat way to make the same neat effect, without the light, at home with our PCM Activity 16.  
Project #17: Spinning Calculator
Here is a fun way to remember those math factors.  Use our PCM Activity 17 Spinning Calculator and give those numbers a spin!
Project #18: Sylish Pumpkins
Most of us have seen the traditional Halloween pumpkins at one point in time. Some of them are carved simply with eyes, a nose and a toothy smile, while others are really awesome to see, complete with celebrity faces. But have you ever gone to a store and seen those small, or long, or skinny, or even bumpy pumpkins? Not exactly what comes to mind when we think of a Halloween pumpkin, but why not? Here is a cool way to liven-up Halloween pumpkins with a new make-over that will turn them from traditional to stylish with our PCM Activity 18PCM Activity 18.  
Project #19: Fall Leaves
Want to give your child a peek into the science behind a tree's changing leaves? With PCM Activity 19, you'll show how those Fall colors stay hidden in the green leafs for most of the year!
Project #20: Holiday Word Search
Celebrate your favorite December holiday with us through fun word searches in PCM Activity 20

Ideas for fun activities to do at home 

Check out this Stuck Inside Guide from Melissa & Doug. This series features play activities and tips for families. 

Check out the Pensacola Museum of Art's Daily Art Projects.

Barefoot Books has tons of ideas for At Home Activities!

Kazoo University is now open with educational resources.

Phaidon Publishers has downloadable Activity Packs available based on children's books.

WSRE and PBS Learning Media have resources available for PreK-12.

The MESS Hall has MESS Hall To Go science activities.

See our page for more fun activities!

Arcadia Mill's Miss Moss will be hosting her The Story Tree with Miss Moss story time on Wednesdays at 10:00 on their Facebook page. 

UWF's Continuing Education's Summer Reading Institute is available now! For ages 4-adult.