Donating to the Collection

Don’t keep history locked away in your attic where nobody can see it!

Thank you for considering donating objects or documents to the University of West Florida Historic Trust. It is through such generosity that our collections and archives continue to grow. The University of West Florida Historic Trust collects artifacts and documents that illustrate the diverse social, cultural, economic, political, military, and religious history of Pensacola and Northwest Florida.

Our exhibit and storage areas provide a secure, climate controlled environment that will help preserve the history of Northwest Florida for future generations. Plus, thousands of visitors learn about our region’s history at the Museum each year. 

Please see the Donating to the Collection FAQ‌ to learn more about donating artifacts. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Lori McDuffie
Collections Manager
(850)595-5840 ext.105


What is the procedure for donating artifacts or documents?

  • If you have an item you wish to be considered for donation, please contact Lori McDuffie at or call (850)595-5840 ext.105.  We do not accept items dropped off at any of our museums.
  • You will be asked to sign a Temporary Custody receipt transferring physical custody of the items to the University of West Florida Historic Trust.
  • The Board of the University of West Florida Historic Trust, which meets bi-monthly, vote to accept items into the collection.
  • If your items are accepted, you will be contacted to sign the formal Deed of Gift. If your items are not accepted, they will be returned to you or disposed of, depending on what you indicated on the Temporary Custody receipt.