Living History

Living history seeks to educate visitors by interpreting how people lived in the past through demonstrations and interaction.

Our colonial programming depicts life in the early 19th century when Pensacola was a colony under Spanish rule. Activities include open hearth cooking, butter churning, gardening, candle making, laundry and more.

Our Victorian programming depicts life in the late 19th century in the boom years of Pensacola’s industries. Focusing on the leisure activities of the middle and upper classes, programs include lawn games, picnics, bicycling, garden parties, and tea.

Living history programs change seasonally to always offer visitors a new experience! Want to become a part of our living history program, Volunteer Today!

Spring Season 2017 Living History Schedule:

Tuesday Laundry and Soap 

Interpreters demonstrate how laundry was done in the early 19th century and discuss how soap was made.  Visitors are welcome to wash the laundry too!

Wednesday Butter Churning

Visitors will learn how Colonial Pensacolians made their butter.

Thursday Gardening and Broom Making

Interpreters tend herb and vegetable gardens, representative of what was grown in early 19th century Pensacola.

Friday Spanish Soldiering or Woodworking

Interpreters will demonstrate various woodworking projects, using period tools and techniques and the techniques of the Spanish soldier.

Saturday Colonial Foodways: Cooking 

Interpreters will share what working-class colonists would have eaten, how they acquired their foods, and how they prepared their foods.  Visitors see cooking demonstrations featuring authentic foods and cooking methods.

Jacksonian Guard

Sponsored by Visit Pensacola and UWF Historic Trust, the Jacksonian Guard is a Pensacola re-enactment group of Jacksonian era and Spanish soldiers, fifers, and drummers who perform a Colors Ceremony every third Saturday at noon in Plaza Ferdinand. The ceremony commemorates Pensacola's 195th Birthday and Florida as a U.S. Territory, reenacting the transfer of Spanish Florida to a U.S. Territory.

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