Board of Directors & Governors

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Collier Merrill, Chairman
  • Mr. Scott Barrow, Vice Chair
  • Mr. Charlie Switzer, Treasurer
  • vacant, Secretary and Historian
  • Dr. Lornetta Epps
  • Mr. Chris Heaney
  • Ms. Teri Levin
  • Mrs. Suzanne Lewis
  • Mr. David C. Luttrell
  • Ms. Brooke Proffitt
  • Dr. Della Scott-Ireton
  • Mr. Edward Tisdale

Board of Governors

  • Dr. Elizabeth Benchley
  • Mrs. Nancy Fetterman
  • Mr. M. Hill Goodspeed
  • Dr. William B. Lees
  • Mr. Jerry Maygarden
  • Mr. Carter B. Quina
  • Mrs. Lucy Rentz
  • Mr. Mark Robertson
  • Mrs. Margo Stringfield

Board Information

Conflict of Interest Policy