Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site in Milton, Florida, represents the first and largest 19th century water-powered industrial complex in northwest Florida.

Welcome to Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site

Set among the pine forests of Santa Rosa County, Florida, our 42 acre property will take you through 200 years of history.

Between 1817 and 1855, Arcadia developed into a multi-faceted operation that included a sawmill, a lumber mill with planing and lathing machines, the Arcadia Pail Factory, a shingle mill, textile mill, an experimental silk operation, and one of the first railroads chartered in territorial Florida. Arcadia also included a thriving industrial village of mixed ethnicity including enslaved African Americans, Anglo-American laborers, and high-status Anglo-American managers. The site’s historical significance extends beyond its antebellum roots including a few small Civil War skirmishes, the Arcadia Farm period during the late 19th to early 20th century, and the historic preservation movement that protected the site during the 1960s.

Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site seeks to promote life-long learning, community engagement, critical thinking, and historical and cultural understanding within a broad context. Visit Arcadia Mill to explore and enhance your local educational experience beyond UWF campus borders.