Outdoors & Nature

Explore Arcadia Mill’s free outdoor facilities, which include an elevated boardwalk with interpretive signage, an ADA accessible bridge, the Discovery Pavilion, nature trails, and a shaded picnic area.

Boardwalk & Bridge

The boardwalk and bridge are wheelchair accessible with an access point adjacent to the Mill Pond Lane cul-de-sac. The three-fourths mile-long elevated boardwalk navigates visitors around the archaeological remains of the mill facilities and includes interpretive signage that highlights the history, archaeology, and environment at Arcadia Mill. The boardwalk also features our newly constructed ADA accessible bridge over Pond Creek and an associated boardwalk that leads visitors directly to the nature trails that cover approximately one mile of the site.

Discovery Pavilion

The outdoor Discovery Pavilion, located near the Visitor’s Center, features working replicas of 19th century water-powered mill technology, which are highlighted through an interpretive, six button sound-post.

Nature Trails

The main trail begins at the terminus of the boardwalk and includes short loops to the east and west, covering approximately 1 mile of the site. Nature trail maps are available in the site brochure and as individual handouts located in the Visitor’s Center.


The site also features a shaded picnic area with six picnic tables. The Education Staff requests prior notice from all scheduled group and school tours for use of the picnic area.