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The Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site:

The Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site in Milton, Florida represents the largest 19th-century water-powered industrial complex in northwest Florida. This site was the location of a multi-faceted operation that included a water-powered sawmill, a lumber mill with planning and lathing machines, gristmill, bucket and pail factory, shingle mill, cotton textile mill, and even an experimental silk cultivation operation. The Arcadia Mill complex also included many other structures and industries, which all came together to produce Florida’s largest antebellum industrial complex.

Information and Hours of Operation:

Arcadia Mill offers visitors an historical experience as well as the opportunity to visit a unique wetland ecosystem. Arcadia Mill is located at 5709 Mill Pond Lane in Milton, Florida. After a trip to the Visitor Center and Museum, visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk on an elevated boardwalk through the archaeological remains of the mills, across Mill Pond Creek and through the swamps associated with this historic water-powered operation.

  • Arcadia Mill and the Visitor Center are free and open on Tuesday - Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (with the last tour leaving at 3:15). 
  • Advanced notice is required for all group and school tours (to schedule a tour, contact Mike Little)
  • For further information, please call 850-626-3084 ext. 102 or email.

Holiday Closures:

Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site will be closed on December 24, 25, 31, and January 1 for the Christmas holidays.

Arcadia Arts and Crafts

Join us for free arts and crafts in the Arcadia Mill Classroom from 11 a.m until 2 p.m.! All materials are provided and crafts take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. All participants must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or adult. For more information see our FAQ or contact Arcadia Mill staff at 626-3084 or arcadiamill@uwf.edu. Share our flyer.

  • Saturday, November 21: Turkey Party Hats
  • Saturday, November 28: Art and Science of Leaf Rubbing
  • Saturday, December 12: Paper Plate Snowmen
  • Saturday, December 19: Paper Plate Penguins

School and Group Tours at Arcadia Mill:

The Education Staff at Arcadia Mill believe in bringing classroom lesson plans to life. Our lesson plans draw from Florida’s Sunshine State Standards for Curriculum Writing. All our programs emphasize historical, archaeological, and scientific awareness, as well as critical thinking skills. Arcadia Mill offers teachers several school program options to choose from.

**Lesson Plans and Tours are available for all grade levels.**

Planning and Scheduling Your Trip:

  • Step 1: Choose the tour plan which best suits your needs. Choose at least two possible tour dates and times. Please note that we only offer tours Tuesday through Saturday.
  • Step 2: To schedule a tour, or for further information, please contact Mike Little, at (850) 626-3084 ext. 102, or email him. We prefer that reservations be made with two weeks notice. The earlier the better!


School tours at Arcadia Mill are $2.00 per child, or a $20.00 flat fee of groups with less than 10 children. One adult per every ten students is admitted for free; every additional adult is $1.00.

Tour Lengths and Times:

All tours last no longer than 1.5 hours. Tours may begin no earlier than 9:30 a.m. and no later than 2:30 p.m.


All tours will accommodate up to 75 students or 3 classes per day.


Arcadia has a beautiful shaded picnic area that all scheduled tour groups are welcome to use. However, education staff must be notified about your groups lunching decision prior to the day of your tour.

Other Educational Organizations and Home School Groups:

Other organizations are always welcome to tour Arcadia. The Education Staff will be pleased to assist leaders in choosing which tour plan is most appropriate for their group.

Tour Options:

Grades K- 2: Walk Through the Past

Recommended for grades K – 2, this tour leads students through Arcadia Mill's beautiful natural surroundings on the site’s elevated boardwalk. Students will learn about Arcadia’s history and the unique plants that inhabit the site. In addition, students will see replica mill technology, participate in a classroom activity, and explore the “hands-on” portion of the Arcadia museum.

 Grades 3 -12

Boardwalk and Pavilion

All educational visits to Arcadia Mill include a tour of the boardwalk and Discovery Pavilion. During the boardwalk excursion, students will explore the archaeological remains and learn the history of the site. Guides will also discuss the abundant variety of plants and trees that thrive at Arcadia. In the Discovery Pavilion, students will learn about water power, and observe working replicas of 19th century mill technology.


Arcadia Mill is now offering multiple classroom options. The three categories for classroom activities are Archaeology, History, and Science. Tour organizers may choose the subject of the classroom activity.


·         Third and Fourth Grade - Guides discuss various way in which archaeologists study the layers of the earth. Students will learn about the Law of Superposition and artifacts by using our stratigraphy canvas. 

·         Fifth through Eighth Grade – Students play the role of a lab assistant by weighing, measuring, and analyzing a variety of artifacts.

·         Ninth through Twelfth Grade – Students learn about the cultural and historical significance of ceramics. They will be tasked with a lab activity in which they identify different ceramic types. 


·         Third through Seventh Grade – The history curriculum closely examines important facets of Florida state history and a few obscure portions of Florida history and law.

·         Eighth through Twelfth Grade – Guides discuss and demonstrate some of the pitfalls of using Wiki sources when conducting scholarly and historical research.


·         Third and Fourth Grade – Students participate in activities that focus on Dendrochonology as they analyze tree rings to learn about a tree’s growth and environment.

·         Fifth and Sixth Grade – Students learn about water power and how mill owners harnessed Pond Creek to power the mills at Arcadia. The lesson also includes a discussion on modern power production. 

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